About The Legendary Captain Woody Gore

Capt. Woody puts another one back

Voted Top Tampa Bay Captain by ReelReports.com 2018!

Born and raised in Tampa, Capt. Woody grew up near the Hillsborough River. This afforded him an opportunity to begin a passion for fishing as a child and years later, he is still expanding his fishing knowledge. Now with worldwide fishing experience, he does everything possible to create an unforgettable and world-class fishing adventure.

As an experienced professional, Capt. Woody is always willing to show the guest how to improve their angling skills. Whether teaching children or beginners his approach is always easygoing and courteous. Over the years, thousands of local and vacationing anglers agree the captains fishing charters are satisfying, educational and always outstanding.

As a military veteran from the late ’60s, a college graduate and business executive in the construction equipment industry for over thirty years, he learned to own and successfully manage businesses. And when asked what one thing contributed most to his business success, he always responds, it is very simple, “Customer Service.”

Several years ago, Captain Gore began writing and photojournalism to his list of enjoyable activities. He now contributes fishing, hunting and outdoor articles for various magazines, newspapers, and periodicals.

He is Chairman for the Hillsborough County Marine Law Enforcement Advisory Committee and is also a member of the Florida Outdoor Writers Association (FOWA) and Southeastern Outdoor Press Association (SEOPA), He is a past member of Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA), National Association of Charter Boat Operators (NACO)